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Seiji Hori
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About Sensei Seiji,

I joined karate school in 1989 in Japan. When I started, I was so skinny, weak, & unconfident. However, after having trained for one year, I gained almost 20 pounds with a full of confidence. After 10 years of training, I was chosen U.S. national member, & received many trophies from major tournaments. Karate in a sense changed my life.

 In 2006, I started training Qi-gong exercise & Tai chi to improve further skill. 
Both Karate & Tai Chi have unlimited possibility to change anyone, & it’s benefit is not only to enhance physical parts, but also mind & spirit. My mission is to introduce wonderful martial arts & help to reach your goals.
Let’s enjoy training with us here in San Clemente!!! OSU!!

2002 Vancouver Cup 1st Place (Video)
2002 Los Angeles Cup Semi Final (Video)
2003 Vancouver Cup 2nd Place (Video)
2004 Montreal Tournament Semi Final
2005 Vancouver Cup 2nd Place (DVD)
2005 U.S. Weight Category Karate Championships 2nd Place (DVD)
2006 2nd U.S. Weight Category Karate Championships 2nd Place (DVD)

1989 Joined Kyokushin Karate (The world largest karate organization, 
120 countries world wide, cumulative total: 12,000,000 members in Japan)
1996 2004 2005 U.S. national team member
1996 Assistant instructor
2002-2006 Chef instructor running 4 schools
2006 Appeared on Japanese local Television (UTB)
2006 Qigong & Tai chi (Yang & Chen style) training began
2008 Study Chen Style Tai chi Quan with Master Qichen Guo
2008 Class of Qigong & Tai chi & Karate began  in San Clemente

Message from Sensei Seiji

Teaching peace through confidence....

Osu! Konnichiwa (Hello!!)

Achievement of martial arts training is not only about awards & improving physical ability. My goal is to help build a strong mental, spiritual and physical foundation. This includes confidence, accomplishment and appreciation for discipline.

We must start now, like planting new seeds in the ground. for beautiful flowers in the future. My ultimate goal is to contribute to a world where people live safely, respectfully and healthy, bringing more love & peace. 
 I was born in Kobe, Japan and have been training and competing in full contact karate over 20 years.  I have successfully participated in many tournaments throughout the U.S. & Canada as a member of the national team.